1. Feedback for Individual Teachers
Observations are done on request from school managers or individual teachers to identify teachers development needs and provide them with individualised feedback to solve specific discipline or classroom management problems. Written feedback is provided in the form of a classvisit report.

2. Feedback for Individual Learners (IEBP)
Challenging learners are observed (with parental permission) and an Individualised Education and Behaviour Plan (IEBP) is created. This information includes social development, specific educational needs, self esteem requirements, behaviour needs and additional support for the learner. Feedback is then given to all staff who teach the learner and to the parents.

3. Guidelines for challenging grades or classes
Challenging classes or grades are observed and the Disciplinary procedures are adjusted to suit their specific needs. Guidelines are also written for teachers on how to manage these classses or grades. (Usually done for Grade 7 and 9)

4. Individual Coaching and Mentoring for School Managers
Sessions can be set up to work with individual managers or groups to deal with providing feedback, becoming more Assertive or dealing with confilct.

1. Super-nanny sessions in the home.
Sessions are undertaken in the home to assist parents with discipline problems. All family members work together.

2. Setting up routines
Assistance is given to set up routines like; mealtimes, bedtime, homework etc

3. Email questions and answers
Parents and teachers can email all questions and concerns to and get a reply within 24 hours.


Brigitte Short graduated from JCE with an Higher Diploma Education Senior Primary in 1996. Whilst teaching at Buccleuch Primary she studied further and graduated from UNISA with a B A ED majoring in Education and English. She then left South Africa to go and travel, in London she taught at 74 schools in two years before moving to Scotland to teach at a school (as part of a trouble shooting team) that had failed itís Ofsted inspection because of discipline. Whilst at this school she did her first Assertive Discipline course. She was then head hunted by the principal of a Behaviour Unit where she worked for three years. The unit was a rehabilitation centre designed to work with difficult learners and because of Assertive Discipline, 80% of the learners were sent back to mainstream schools successfully. Because of the nature of this job, lots of additional training was provided for the staff and Brigitte did numerous courses in Autism, Dyslexia, Behaviour Management and Inclusion. (Read more...)
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