Assertive Discipline (8 hr workshop)
Assertive Discipline is a programme designed to give teachers the skills to handle big classes of ill-disciplined children through a positive rather than a negative avenue. We offer alternatives to corporal punishment, the typical merit/demerit systems and have found our strategies to be very effective because they empower teachers to discipline learners themselves immediately in the classroom rather than making learners stand outside or go to the school SMT.

Succeeding with Challenging Learners (8 hr workshop)
Whilst the Assertive Discipline programme deals with the vast majority of learners a number of challenging learners will still end up in the system and these learners cause the teachers a great deal of stress and in many instances they disrupt learning in our schools. This course trains teacher to identify who is misbehaving, why they are misbehaving and what can be done about it in a mainstream classroom. We cover conflict resolution and a number of strategies for teachers to use to solve problems.

Differentiation (Afternoon workshop)
Today's classes are divided up into three groups, a strong group of learners who finish quickly, a weak group who aren't even going to attempt the work set out in front of them and a middle of the road group who plod along and get the work done. Most teachers today on cater for one of these groups and as a result many face discipline problems and learning barriers aren't addressed. In this course we train teachers in 11 Differentiation strategies which empower them to ensure that all learners are busy all the time. The course also shows teachers how to appeal to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners and how to create interactive lessons that motivate and inspire learners.

Classroom Management (Afternoon workshop)
Many teachers today need assistance in time management, stress managements and organisational skills to manage their classrooms successfully. We run this workshop to assist teachers with these basic skills.

Positive Parenting (3hr workshop)
The root of our discipline problems begin in the home where many of today's parents lack the skills to discipline their own children, many parents spend so little time with their children that they don't want to fight with them during that limited time so the children are left to their own devices. This course is designed to empower parents to follow in the schools' footsteps and be proactive about discipline.

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Brigitte Short graduated from JCE with an Higher Diploma Education Senior Primary in 1996. Whilst teaching at Buccleuch Primary she studied further and graduated from UNISA with a B A ED majoring in Education and English. She then left South Africa to go and travel, in London she taught at 74 schools in two years before moving to Scotland to teach at a school (as part of a trouble shooting team) that had failed itís Ofsted inspection because of discipline. Whilst at this school she did her first Assertive Discipline course. She was then head hunted by the principal of a Behaviour Unit where she worked for three years. The unit was a rehabilitation centre designed to work with difficult learners and because of Assertive Discipline, 80% of the learners were sent back to mainstream schools successfully. Because of the nature of this job, lots of additional training was provided for the staff and Brigitte did numerous courses in Autism, Dyslexia, Behaviour Management and Inclusion. (Read more...)
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