Brigitte Thompson
Brigitte Thompson graduated from JCE with an Higher Diploma Education Senior Primary in 1996. Whilst teaching at Buccleuch Primary she studied further and graduated from UNISA with a B A ED majoring in Education and English. She then left South Africa to go and travel, in London she taught at 74 schools in two years before moving to Scotland to teach at a school (as part of a trouble shooting team) that had failed its Ofsted inspection because of discipline. Whilst at this school she did her first Assertive Discipline course. She was then head hunted by the principal of a Behaviour Unit where she worked for three years. The unit was a rehabilitation centre designed to work with difficult learners and because of Assertive Discipline, 80% of the learners were sent back to mainstream schools successfully. Because of the nature of this job, lots of additional training was provided for the staff and Brigitte did numerous courses in Autism, Dyslexia, Behaviour Management and Inclusion.

Brigitte then became the Behaviour Support Teacher for the area and part of this job description included visiting the schools in the area and training the staff in Assertive Discipline. She did her Assertive Discipline leadership certificate and completed courses in Assertive Management and Succeeding with Difficult Students at Glasgow University.

She returned to South Africa in February 2004 and taught at Crawford Prep Benmore until she decided to launch the Assertive Discipline Programme here in our country. She took a month to re write the programme in the South African context and piloted the programme at Buccleuch and Wendywood Primary schools with great success. From then she has trained many teachers in Gauteng, implementing the full programme at a number of schools and at various institutions like the Juvenile Offenders Centres, Cotlands, Kids Haven, Sparrow Ministries and a number of Clinic School.

Brigitte and her team of facilitators now work countrywide, train in five of the official languages, offer a number of courses and work with parents, in parenting workshops and consultations(a little bit like the Supernanny).

In 2011 Brigitte completed her Honours in School Guidance and Counselling and is hoping to do her Masters in Educational Psychology soon.

Brigitte Thompson

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