Brigitte Short
Brigitte Short is a qualified teacher with many years of teaching experience both in South Africa and abroad. She has a special interest in discipline and positive behaviour. As a result, she has trained teachers in South Africa since 2004 in Assertive Discipline. A programme which she purchased the rights for from the UK. Brigitte loved this programme because the focus was on building relationships, identifying strengths as well as correcting behaviour. She believes in empowering teachers to discipline positively in their own classrooms. As a teacher she always hated mountains of admin so over the years she has streamlined this system to provide the necessary records with a minimal amount of effort and paperwork.

Having worked extensively with teachers, parents began to contact Brigitte and as a result she started the ‘SA supernanny service’ in which she consulted with families in their own homes. And subsequently studied further and became an educational psychologist. In her private practice Brigitte worked with families managing behavioural challenges and elevated anxiety which she often saw as a precursor for challenging behaviour. Brigitte is passionate about offering up to date and relevant training to South African teachers and as a result is currently doing some research in the UK and working with a programme called Nonviolent resistance (NVR) which she hopes to launch in South Africa in partnership with Bev McBride.

Bev McBride
Bev is currently managing Positive Behaviour CC in her absence. Bev is a qualified teacher with more than 20 years’ teaching experience. Bev and Brigitte have been working together for 12 years and Bev was responsible for most of the training in KZN. Bev is a qualified facilitator and assessor and has a wide range of training experience including delivering workshops for Gambling Addiction Interventions through SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology). She did training and development nationally for the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation for eight years. Bev also worked with Duke University facilitating a corporate management program for three years. She is a married mother of two children, runs marathons and is currently completing a degree in Communication Science.

Brigitte Short & Bev McBride

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